Make a donation

S&F’s projects are made possible in large part by our generous and committed donors. If you enjoy our concerts, please become a patron by preferencing your donation to S&F through Creative Partnerships (CPA), which operates the Australian Cultural Fund in accordance with the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donations over $2 are eligible for tax deductions.

The direct link to making an online donation through Creative Partnerships Australia can be found here - this organization based in Melbourne will then send you a receipt.

Alternatively, you may choose to place your donation amount in the space provided on the ticket order form. We will the send it to CPA on your behalf, from whom you will receive a tax receipt.

*Terms & Conditions: Whilst I understand that no guarantee can be given, it is my preference that this donation is granted to Selby & Friends. I have read and understand the terms and conditions at I acknowledge that I am not a family member, partner or spouse of the preferred recipient/s and that my donation is unconditional and I cannot receive any benefit, advantage, right or privilege in return for my gift.

If you would prefer to fill in a hard copy of the official donation form please click here to download it.

Current patrons

Please visit this link to see our wonderful list of generous donors and patrons.

Creative Partnerships Australia (formerly AbaF) Awards

Selby & Friends were delighted to be honoured with an AbaF 'Good Practice Recognition' award in the Giving Award category at the 2011 AbaF Awards. Our relationship with our generous donors is extremely important to us, and formal recognition is a lovely added bonus to the meaningful association we have with our wonderful donors.