• Beethoven's Back!
    27 Oct - 3 Nov, 2019

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Andrew Haveron, Richard Narroway, Kathryn Selby

  • Tour 5: 27 Oct- 3 Nov 2019
    'Beethoven's Back!'

    Guests: Andrew Haveron & Richard Narroway with Kathryn Selby

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  • Sunday afternoon
    22nd September @ 5:00pm

    The Game Changers

    Kats-Chernin, Ravel, Britten, Dvorak




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  • It is to Selby’s credit that she is able
    to employ an ever-changing ensemble
    of musicians, whilst maintaining a
    symbiosis that most established piano
    trios would kill for. There are few
    musicians in the country who could
    achieve this so consistently.”

    Limelight Magazine