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October 16, 2012
by Steve Moffatt

City Recital Hall Angel Place,  Monday, October 15

With a high turnover of personnel and a busy recital schedule as the City Recital Hall's chamber ensemble in residence, how do Selby and Friends find Cumberland Review

This was one of the questions in and Q and A session midway through Kathryn Selby's group's last concert of the season.

The truth is, violinist Natsuko Yoshimoto said, the rehearsal never stops - the treatment of a work evolves through performance, and it's never the same each time.

That's what makes live music so exciting. There was plenty of that in this recital of a Mozart violin sonata, some youthful Beethoven, Johan Halvorsen's showcase Passacaglia for fiddle and cello and Smetana's moving and impassioned piano trio.

Selby, Yoshimoto and cellist Emma-Jane Murphy jelled beautifully in an evening which lulled the spirit in the lovely slow movements of both the Mozart and Beethoven's Op 1 No.2 trio, then tore the heartstrings in Smetana's work, written as a memorial to his four-year-old daughter, the second of his children to die in infancy.

Selby was dazzling and commanding in the three works she led from the piano, and the string players showed why they are considered the cream of Australia's talent in the Halvorsen variations based on a Handel keyboard suite.

This was a radiant climax to the multi-faceted Selby season. With an equally impressive line-up of guest musicians in 2013, music lovers can look forward to plenty more where this came from.

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