2020 Information

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in place for the live music entertainment industry, including the closure of venues, travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, rather than cancel performance tours Selby & Friends decided to offer the alternative service of professionally filmed live concerts. In May, Selby & Friends brought you our 'Let’s Get Personal' tour with the concert filmed live at Sydney Grammar School.

The Selby & Friends July tour, 'Beethoven’s Ghost', the August/September tour, 'Transfigured' and the final program 'A Final Offering', were also created to take the place of live concerts and were filmed at City Recital Hall in Sydney. Complimentary access to the concerts and a host of extra special features will be provided to all 2020 subscribers and ticket holders. These will also be offered for pay per view purchase to the general public.

Selby & Friends has been in a unique position to provide the alternative service of filmed live concerts due to the smaller ensemble formations and the availability of first-class Australian and international artists residing locally.

Given the substitute service provided by Selby & Friends of filmed live concerts, whilst Selby & Friends is not obligated to automatically refund ticket holders. we would like to treat our valued patrons as fairly as possible. Those patrons who do not wish to have access to the filmed live performances, or are unable to do so, are requested to apply for a refund for individual concerts provided a refund request is made prior to one week before the release of a filmed live concert. In the case of the upcoming 'A Final Offering' concert, this will be by midnight on Saturday 31st October 2020. The refund request must be made by this date. After this date a refund will not be available.

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